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cam streadbeck, owner

Daylight Glass is a glass service company located in beautiful Morgan, Utah. Daylight Glass opened its doors in March 2017 at the direction of its owner, Cam Streadbeck. Between being a Glass/Glazing Contractor and having a full service glass shop, Daylight Glass can take care of any of your glass needs no matter how big or small. 



There was Fairway Glass

Cam worked for Fairway Glass (a local Morgan glass shop) for about 1 year after his mission. It was there that he learned the tricks of the trade and where he started to build relationships with the glass suppliers and glass manufacturers in the Ogden and Salt Lake areas. Cam worked on Commercial, Residential, and Automotive glass jobs and also learned a lot about how to run a glass business and how to take care of it's customers. After about 1 year of working there, Cam was presented with a new career opportunity and decided to leave Fairway Glass for the time being. 



Sure Steel Came Along

In 2014, Cam decided to pursue a career with a steel erector company called Sure Steel. During his 2 1/2 year employment at Sure Steel, Cam continued to install windows for Fairway Glass and other window customers on the side; he used this extra money to pay for his education at Weber State University where he studied Construction Management and Entrepreneurship. 

Installing windows was a great way to pay tuition, but Cam never thought he'd leave Sure Steel, where he felt he had a good future in Project Management.



We Are Daylight Glass

As word of mouth spread, Cam got more window jobs and it became a challenge to juggle "side work" on top of a day job, full-time education, and starting a family. After much thought and discussion, Cam left his job at Sure Steel to start Daylight Glass.

Daylight Glass grew quickly and took on fairly large projects where they quickly gained valuable experience. In November of 2017 Daylight Glass was given the opportunity to buy part of Fairway Glass, taking over their automotive and residential divisions. This allowed Daylight to relocate to Morgan and focus on providing glass services in Morgan County!